SEE UPDATE: On Audrey Assad’s new EP to help pay for her husband’s cancer treatment.

Audrey Assad will not appear with JJ Heller at a concert April 17 at Trinity Park United Methodist Church in Greenfield.

The church’s Web site says it was recently informed by the concert’s booking agent that Assad won’t be able to make the show due to the schedule of her husband’s chemo treatments.

JJ Heller instead will be joined by the duo Jenny & Tyler.

In October, Assad disclosed in a blog post that her husband Billy Price has cancer.

“The dearest person in the world to me is fighting disease. I am powerless to stop it, and can be of little help, apart from emotionally and perhaps spiritually—and logistically,” Assad wrote.

“But I can’t make cancer go away. It isn’t subject to my desires, my ideals, my dreams of an easier life. That’s a sad feeling. It is like an unknown aggressor, a blank-faced, brutal intruder upon my expectations for our first year married.”

Price announced on his blog in November that he would soon begin six months of chemotherapy treatment and likely would be unable to travel with Assad while she was on the road.

“So at this point, prayers are welcome for effective treatment, for minimal side effects, and for the grace of the sacrament of marriage to help us through this period of logistical, physical, emotional strain,” Price wrote.